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19th-Aug-2005 07:17 pm - I was curious.
1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
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13th-Aug-2005 03:28 pm - A bad day.
Last night, I went out to Lake Thunderbird with a whole gaggle of people to look at meteors.  It was slightly overcast to begin with, but by the time the meteors really started, or at least by the time we saw any, it had cleared up.  They weren't coming quite as often as I've seen them some times in the past, but some of them were really slow and bright, so it was a good show.

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The dinner party this month will be one week from today, Saturday the 20th.  It rained this morning, so maybe I will be able to find some mushrooms by then.
5th-Aug-2005 09:03 pm - Toadstooling
Today I collected an Amanita.  What kind of Amanita, I don't know.  The cap is white with a light brown center, about 5 cm wide, flat with a small central knob, and striate (lined) around the edges.  It has a very nice universal veil and a sort of indistinct ring.  The stem was white and maybe a little fuzzy.

The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms doesn't seem to have it, and nothing that it keys out to in Mushrooms Demystified Is actually described in the book.

Sure is pretty, though.
3rd-Aug-2005 04:11 pm(no subject)
I got a call today from my old adviser, Neil Shafer-Ray, asking me to come do a Master's or PhD with him.  He says they've got great fundamental Physics going on, looking for the dipole moment of the electron, which would help distinguish between the Standard Model of Particle Physics™ and other more recent theories, like Supersymmetry.  It's a collaboration of 20-odd scientists from all over, including Brookhaven Labs in New York, where I'd apparently be spending part of my time.

My mom, of course, wants me to follow up on it.  This is the route to a steady job in a respectable field, etc.  This is what the system has to offer me, and it's a lot better than what most people get.

I'm still pretty sure I'd rather grow beans.

I still haven't told Mom about my co-op plans; I think I'll put that off until after Julie and the kids have left.  She's busy and stressed enough for now.  So she's under the impression that I'm in need of direction in my life.  I'm not, but I'm sure this opportunity will make it harder to convince her of what I really do want to do.
3rd-Aug-2005 12:15 pm - Legend of the Five Rings
I'm cleaning up my room a little today, since I'm actually moved back here now.  I put together my bookshelf which had been languishing in pieces ever since I first left, and I was evaluating what there is in the room that I might get rid of.

Under my desk were a few boxes containing a few thousand Legend of the Five Rings cards.  I've never played Legend of the Five Rings.  I assume these must belong to tank182 or iamotah?  Can I get confirmation on that, and do you want them back?
31st-Jul-2005 08:42 am - Surprise!
I'm back in Norman a few weeks earlier than I was originally planning.  I didn't tell anyone about this as I was planning it, because I wanted to go to Chase and Carrie's wedding as a surprise, which I did.
23rd-Jul-2005 02:21 pm(no subject)
Today is the (a) day when suddenly, all the times I've said, "Yeah, I bet my mom would be okay with that" bite me, and I actually have to call my mom and see if she is, indeed, okay with that.
23rd-Jul-2005 09:20 am(no subject)
Yarr! Why didn't I think of this!

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Nice turnaround, with spindiklet being my first mate.

And victorzinc's death? Funny as always!
17th-Jul-2005 03:48 pm - Some Elucidation
five lakes
My idle and not-so-idle thoughts about a long-term return to Oklahoma have been elevated to the status of plans. I'm now in Sacramento, having brought with me (with much grunting and heaving, and much help from gizer) all my remaining possessions from Portland. My plan to return to Oklahoma next month, to finish up my work for my Dad, is unchanged, and beyond that, my middle-term plans are undeveloped, depending upon how long said work takes to complete, how Opa is getting on, and whether the Grateful Bread can use me. Regardless, by the time I can return here, the summer will have worn thin (or out), and it will be too late to brave a trip across the mountains. Come spring, though, I will load up my bike and pedal home.

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I have a grand goals to pursue in Norman, which I shall not yet announce. Some of you Normanites (and perhaps some others) may already know them, others may not. In time, all will be revealed, and I may just need all of your help.
12th-Jul-2005 09:47 pm(no subject)
The times, they are a-changing. Hold on to your hats!
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