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withlyn's Journal

Withlyn Tiddlekins
13 September
I have too many interests for the hours of the day. I have college degrees in Music Composition and Physics, and a minor in linguistics. Some days I am a composer, some days I am in a band. Some days I am a chemical physicist, some days I am more interested in climatology. Some days I ride my bike for thousands of miles across the continent, some days I just bake bread. Some days I want to breed dogs and some days I want to grow beans. Some days I'm working toward prophethood, and some days I'm lonely. Some days I make my own clothes and some days I make my own language. Some days I play with a computer and some days I climb things. Some days I wear boots, some days I wear sandals, some days I wear ballet shoes, some days I wear climbing shoes, but most days I wear bare feet. I'm always vegan and I always have brown hair and a scruffy beard, but the hat and glasses come, go, and change. I'm always planning to move all over the place, but sometimes I just want to stay put.